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At SAFETECH, we provide nationally accredited First Aid, Fire and Safety training to employers & employees across the Western Cape. Our outstanding training in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa, our accreditation by SETA and the Department of Labour, and our Health Professionals Council registered facilitators are but a few of the reasons why SAFETECH is the logical choice.

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First Aid Level 1

Day-to-day emergencies like CPR, burns, fractures and work place safety. Ideal for workplace first aid providers.

First Aid Level 2

Gain the skills required to recognise and respond to injuries and emergencies, using the basic life support measures taught by SafeTech.

First Aid Level 3

People who are exposed to a high level of risk in their organisation will definitely benefit from this course.

Fire Fighting Level 1

Designed to ensure the learners know and understand how to prevent, contain and extinguish fires.

Fire Fighting Level 2

With advanced equipment and techniques, we further develop a learner’s fire fighting skills.

Emergency Evacuation Warden

Specifically designed for persons who have to facilitate and assist with the evacuation of a building during emergencies.

Breathing Apparatus

Acquire the skills and knowledge to use a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus in the work place.

Health & Safety Representative Training

A practical focus on the role and responsibilities of the Health & Safety Representatives at work.

Health & Safety for Supervisors and Managers

Focussing on the role and responsibilities of the employer and management.

Advanced Health & Safety Representative

Further build and develop your Health & Safety Representative skills, knowledge and competencies.

Health & Safety Induction

Introducing your staff to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, common hazards, safe working procedures and other control measures.

Occupational Health & Safety Act Seminar

Learn how to easily implement the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (OHSA) within your company.


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Accredited Qualifications

Rest assured in the knowledge that all our courses and training methods are continuously updated to keep in line with Department of Labour and HW SETA standards. You will receive the best quality training when selecting any course through us.