Emergency Evacuation Warden

This course provides designated individuals with the skills and knowledge required to assist with evacuations during workplace fire incidents and to operate as key members of an emergency control organisational system.

Advantages of this course.

  • Gain hands-on experience and the necessary skills required to safely evacuate a workplace through building evacuation drills.
  • Cover the legislative requirements with regards to evacuations.
  • Learn evacuation techniques and how to assist others in a safe and correct manner.
  • We can teach all our courses in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.

Topics Covered

  • OHS Act
  • Construction Regulations, 2014
  • Environmental Regulations for Workplaces, 1987
    • Fire precautions and means of egress
  • The purpose of an emergency plan
  • Emergency resources required
    • Personnel
    • Equipment
    • Premises
  • Types of emergencies
  • Pre-planning and preparation
    • Emergency evacuation plans
    • Regular checks
    • Assisting the disabled and\or injured
  • The evacuation
    • General evacuation guidelines
    • Specific procedures
    • Getting out alive

Accredited Qualifications

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